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Polishing and gilding

Wherever possible we will retain the original surface finish of the piece as this reflects its lifetime of wear and use. Where damage is too severe, we will remove the finsh and replace with the appropriate choice of material.

Turning and carving

Finials, feet, handles and applied decoration can be turned to match up to the originals.

We can create complete carvings to replace missing decoration or patch and match in damaged areas.

Carcase-work and brassware

To make a piece of furniture structurally sound many areas need to be addressed.  Feet often get damaged through wear or  when moving. Drawers wear on runners, making them stick or back boards get eaten by woodworm.  We hold a large stock of period timber and wherever possible replace like for like. Handles and brassware often get changed through breakages or changes in fashion. We can select appropriate fittings based on the age/style of the piece.

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