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Here are some before and after shots to show you some possibilities...
​Polishing and gilding

Past projects

Polished surfaces can get damaged through wear and tear or water damage. We try to retain the original surface if possible by cleaning and waxing the piece. If however, the damage is too severe, we can remove it and replace with the appropriate finish.

Gilding - Mirror frames, picture frames and finials on clocks can be patched and re-gilded using traditional techniques.

Turning and carving

Turned finials and applied decoration can be replaced to match originals. Turned feet, spindles on chairs and handles can all be matched.

Carving can be to replace a missing applied decoration or to patch a damaged area and carve in to match- dog damage from puppies chewing is quite common.

Carcasework and brassware

We hold a large selection of period timbers to replace damaged feet, drawer linings and back boards to make a piece of furniture structurally sound.

 Careful selection and application of brassware can be the crowning glory of your piece of furniture. We hold  a stock of original fittings, where a replacement for a missing pull or backplate can often be found. We also deal with suppliers who produce brassware to original patterns, using traditional brass recipes. This gives the authentic colour and feel.


Clock cases often involve all of the above skills in one case!  To lower the height of longcase (grandfather) clocks, they often had their plinths or pediments removed. These can be replaced, as can the pillars on the sides of the hood, finials and door lock/keys, which all seem to go missing over the years. We endeavour to research the  maker and age of the case to replace any missing fittings appropriately.

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